my story

Not too long ago, I was someone who couldn't get out of bed in the morning. My energy levels were chronically unreliable and for years I tried everything I could to fix the problem. Nothing seemed to work.

Until COVID hit. Instead of panicking, I took my health more seriously than I ever have:  I radically shifted my diet and started exercising regularly. My energy issue resolved a mere 3 months later.

Around the same time,  I also learned that I have sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). Not a disorder or a mental health condition, SPS occurs in 20-30% of all populations, cross-species. It is a normal, inherited physiological trait that makes the nervous system more prone to overstimulation. 

And it's not all bad. In fact, SPS is a blessing because it also presents as an enhanced ability to process ideas deeply, empathize with others, and attend to the details that most people miss. 

On this blog, I reinvent lifestyle advice to harness SPS, stop making excuses, and get things done.